Partner Process

Thank you for your interest in our Museum, to open your own museum you have 2 options

Option 1


Complete the online application form.

02. Visit

Visit the nearest 3D Fun Art Museum

03. Sign

Sign the agreement.

04. Open

Open a 3D Fun Art Partner Museum and get long-term service & support.

Our Service

Guidance on Store Location Selection
Floor Plan Design Guidance
   On-site Supervision

We will provide you with everything you need for a successful business concept in your city

3D FUN ART is the Licensor our Partner Museum is the Licensee 

The licensor (3D Fun Art) provides:

  1. The domain www.3dfunart… with website
  2. Email address…. info@3dfunart…. 
  3. 3D Fun Art Logo (300 dpi),
  4. In our 3D image catalog in PDF you find more than 50 images you can choose 25 pictures, and a maximum of 5 additional pictures are made for the Partner Museum and must be in connection with the country or city.
  5. Ames room with 60 ° room instructions (with background image for Ames room in digital version, table and lamp for 60 ° room)
  6. 2 x Einstein mask
  7. Illusion chair
  8. Mirror lens kaleidoscope
  9. Upside down room background image digital
  10. Entrance background image digital
  11. Head on the plate background image digital
  12. 3D Fun Art Flyer in digital version for printing

The licensee (Partner Museum) is only uses:

  1. Images from the 3D Fun Art image catalog in PDF
  2. Uses background images from 3D Fun Art in the entrance area, Ames room, head on the plate, upside down room
  3. 3D Fun Art flyers, e-mails, websites, advertising signs ….. marked with the 3D Fun Art logo.
  • This contract is a one-time contract for one (1) museum. The Licensee Partner Museum may not use the trademark outside of this license area.
  • The Licensee is not entitled to grant sub-licenses to third parties from the license granted with this contract. The rights granted under this contract can only be transferred with the written consent of the Licensor.
  • The space that the Partner rents at his own expense should be at least 300 – 500 square meters

License price:

a.) After signing the contract, the first deposit of 30,000 euros is due, which is not offset against the regular license fee payments and cannot be repaid even if the contract is terminated early. The second payment of 35,000 euros is due before the goods are shipped to the Partner Museum.

b.) The licensee (Partner Museum) pays the licensor (3D Fun Art) a license fee of 5% of the net sales.

c.) The licensee must pay the license fee monthly by the 5th day of the next month

d.) The license is not limited in time, the license agreement can be terminated at any time by the licensor or licensee within 4 weeks.

e.) The licensee undertakes not to register or use any trademarks for identical or similar businesses that are identical or confusingly similar to the licensed trademark.

Option 2

If you already have a museum, amusement park or would like to open your own museum with your own name, you can buy the pictures from our online PDF catalog (more than 50 images), the prices vary from 800-1500€ (ex VAT) plus transport. We can also make new pictures for you with your own ideas (we need 1-3 weeks per picture), price is on request.

We hope you will be part of our success!